Scripts made from the bottom to give players a feeling of something entirely new.


Everything we do is done thinking about the community’s satisfaction.


Use our interactive system to make your game experience easier.


Don’t stress about anything, let our fantastic support team help you through it.


San Andreas Counties Roleplay is a roleplay community realized by Multi Theft Auto. Focusing on user experience and simplicity, we provide complex yet easy gameplay to explore. Our vision is to be developed to its best quality, with focus on user-friendly gameplay, in dept and realistic features, responsive player support, and above all user freedom. Not only will we bring joy to the player, but we also use this unique opportunity to spread awareness of the modern day’s environment. Examples are environmental issues, technology development and more. Together with our informative forum, we aim to develop a realistic atmosphere at its best with help from our community.

As aforementioned, the gameplay is based on the present day. This means technologies of the new age would be implemented or will be in the future. The reason is not only a unique but also an easier and more user-friendly experience. There is deliberately chosen to let the game run in a rural area, the adventurous parts of Red County. The decisive reason was the cozy atmosphere we experienced when sharing our ideas for the future. However, this doesn’t have to mean that you are forced to roleplay a farmer or redneck. There are tons of opportunities to make a change and create a unique life.

Playing San Andreas Counties Roleplay is completely free. However, we give every player the option to make a donation as a gesture for our volunteers. As a contribution, you will receive a number of premium options, depending on the amount.

Forest nearby Dillimore, San Andreas Counties Roleplay.
Forest nearby Dillimore, San Andreas Counties Roleplay.



Hey, I'm your Community Coordinator. I will be taking care of everything related to the community.


I'm Eggsy, the Lead Developer. Together with my great team, I'm shaping the game for you.


Mathi here! I'm the server's User Communications Manager and defender of the community.


Howdy! I'm assisting Nicholas in managing all community-related affairs, from factions to policymaking.

Not only will SAC:RP bring joy to players, we will also use this
opportunity to spread awareness of the modern day’s
environment in parts of the gameplay we see fit.

With the help of an amazing development team,
all of SAC:RP scripts are made from scratch in order to
give our players the most unique RP experience possible.

Happy community, happy management. Making sure everyone
in the community feels welcome and treated well is
our number one priority.

It is of the utmost importance that the community feels involved.
Therefore we as managers appreciates any kind of input our player base
might have.



SAC:RP is made possible by a multiplayer modification for GTA San Andreas’ PC version, which is called Multi Theft Auto (MTA).
This modification allows GTA fans to play with thousands of players from different countries. In order to become a part
of our community and experience the server, you need to own GTA:SA and download MTA.